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A tube skylight

On the other hand, a tube skylight with a flexible tube can be adapted to negotiate obstacles or assume a specific form. They require cutting off a lot of roof material, and maybe the angle of the sun’s movement isn’t the right one for the position we want the skylight to be. Unlike a regular skylight, which functions pretty much like a window, a tube skylight uses special lenses. Also, our mood reacts positively to natural sunlight, making us feel cheerful. And we know that in these times of recession, we all welcome anything that can save us some dollars.
 Because of all these advantages and versatility, a tube skylight is a good alternative to regular skylights, and in some cases, a tube skylight is the only type of skylight that you can install in your house. The lens on top absorbs light from every LED Filament Bulb Suppliers direction, and thus can collect solar light even when the sun isn’t directly pointing at it. Skylights also promote good health and a good mood. Another advantage to skylights is that they cut down the use of artificial light which in turn cuts down your electricity bills.
 A tube skylight is built with better technology, which uses refracting, reflecting and concentrating solar light into a small tube using mirrors and lenses. The tube that connects both lenses and which gives a tube skylight its name can be fixed or flexible.Skylights are a great option for bringing natural sunlight to interior room, and thus, they are a great addition to any house; much more so in the case of houses that have rooms without windows, that use a lot of artificial light, or that are very dark. . It can also collect more light than a regular skylight when the weather is bad. Because of all these reasons, a tube skylight is a better alternative. It’s recommended when there aren’t any obstacles between the roof and the ceiling. They are better for roofs with a lot of obstacles that can’t be eliminated, like electric wires or telephone lines.
 A fixed one can not change form, and it’s usually straight. However, older houses weren’t designed with skylights in mind, so installing regular skylights can be a problem. Sometimes the installation of a regular skylight is plain impossible. It can’t adapt to different positions, like the flexible one does, but it performs better. The lens at the bottom of the tube skylight does exactly the opposite of what the one on top does; it diffuses the light it receives to all parts of the room, unlike a regular skylight, which sends the bulk of the sunlight in the direction of the angle of the sun. Our bodies enjoy natural sunlight much better than artificial light, specially for activities such as reading.

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